Small Business Consulting

Small business consulting from a financial standpoint comes in a variety of forms; from new business advisory to fine tuning an existing business to maximizing your returns. Depending on where your business falls in the cycle, there is almost always something that can be tweaked to increase your profitability.

New Business Advisory 
We’ll guide you through the crucial financial decisions that must be made when starting a new business, such as writing a business plan, setting up accounting processes, and advising on payroll issues.

Entity Structure
Whether starting a new business or reevaluating an existing business you will need to consider if the entity structure is the most tax efficient and if it provides the liability protection you need.

Financial Statement Analysis
When interpreted correctly, your financial statements can tell you where your strengths and weaknesses are located. Have you ever wondered where you stand in comparison to your industry?

Business Transition Consulting
Whether selling your business outright or transitioning it to the next generation, you will want to consider the legal and tax implications. Business valuations are largely dependent on the industry, but often the valuation is tied to the underlying cash flow. If you are considering selling your business, are you taking steps to maximize your cash flow? If you are transitioning your business to the next generation, are you doing it in the most tax efficient way? In either situation you should know what your legal liabilities and ramifications are.

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